TDA Honors Essential Transportation Workers

At the Transportation Development Association (TDA) Annual Meeting on November 12, TDA of Wisconsin bestowed its highest honor on the men and women across Wisconsin who kept the state “moving” throughout the COVID health emergency.

“This year there was only one choice for the Transportation Service Award – Wisconsin’s essential transportation workers,” explained TDA Executive Director Debby Jackson.  “Throughout this year, these men and women stayed on the job to operate, build, and maintain Wisconsin’s transportation infrastructure. Because of them, other essential services were provided, and families across the state and around the nation had access to food, medicine, and everyday necessities.”

The Transportation Service Award is presented annually to a person or persons who have significantly advanced the cause of a safe, modern, interconnected transportation system in Wisconsin.

“Transportation and these dedicated workers played a critical role during this challenging year,” Jackson said. “And transportation will play an equally significant role as we support Wisconsin industries and businesses with their recovery and get people back to work.”

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