Evers Administration Announces $75 Million in Local Transportation Grants

James Street Bridge
Pictured: James Street Bridge in Village of Cecil, recipient of the MLS award

Story updated August 18, 2020

On March 4, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) awarded 152 project grants under the one-time $75 million Multimodal Local Supplement (MLS) grant program.

WisDOT received 1,596 eligible applications for the MLS program, with the needs detailed in the applications totaling $1.47 billion.

It is truly excellent news that 152 projects will receive funding through the MLS grant program. After decades of disinvestment, communities face a backlog of projects vital to their local economies and few options to fund them. Unfortunately, more than 1,400 local projects are left with an uncertain path forward.

In the North Central region, while 25 projects received grants totaling more than $11.9 million, there are 283 projects with a price tag of more than $189 million that remain unaddressed.

Wisconsin’s economy is built and grows one community at a TIME – Transportation Investment Moves Everything.

August 18, 2020 update

On July 10, the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the partial veto that created the Multimodal Local Supplement grant program. Of the projects awarded MLS grants, 137 (including the Kaukauna Bridge and excluding projects where communities decided not to proceed) have been approved through the Local Roads Improvement Program (LRIP). The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is working with the communities of 12 projects that did not fit within the parameters of LRIP to find possible alternative funding.

The final list of projects for the North Central region is available here.

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